Eight pregnant Simmentaler cows available

Polled or scurred from outstanding sires, calving December through to January 2020 

Sold to Greg Bunge, Mooi River

Top world genetics + Stringent selection = value for money.

A group of eight cows are available.  They are sired by a variety of outstanding bulls, such as Gonasty PP (Zoetis Southern Africa Proven Bull for 2018), Prostock Hugo PP (USA), Salerika Bravo P (a BGP bull) and sons of Gonasty and Ganza. These cows are all polled, except two which are scurred. They are pregnant from bulls specifically chosen to improve the genetic make-up of each cow, such as Zolerz P, Claas and our own bred sires. Their calves should be born from end of December 2019 to January 2020.

These eight cows excel in fertility. Thus, their breeding values (EBV’s) for Scrotal Size (SS) and Days to Calving (DtC)(parameters for fertility) are on average in the top 20% of the 2017 crop. Their Inter Calving Period (ICP) averaged at 389 days and their Simdex at 106, which also give an indication of the fertility status of these cows. According to their pregnancy tests they should also calf within 365 days of their respective last calvings.

Through judicious bull selection we hope to achieve a vast improvement in the planned calf crop of these cows. Calving ease of the calves should increase up to 61% over those of their dams and their birth weight should be lower with 65%; growth should increase only fractionally (8% for 400 days), but with a decrease of 8% in the mature cow weight (MCW); and the average economic index SF of the calves should increase sharply with 37% up to 82 (this brings their SF into the top 15% of the SA 2017 crop).


Three planned calves have been sired by Kalant P. This means that these calves should have the added benefit of being sired by a bull with a Net Feed Intake (NFI) of -0.401 (in the top 1% of the SA crop). These calves should, therefor, have the same tendency for being feed efficient than their sire, Kalant.

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           Superior pregnant cows

Bulls which sired the cows or sired their to-be-born calves.

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