Our bulls have been reared on the veld under harsh Karoo conditions. Only the very hardy are provided to our clients, commercial beef farmers. You get what you see.


Econotech Dan S, PJD1743

Promising seedstock sire R734 SBI (economic index)

(in top 5% of SA 2018 crop)


Semen available.

Simberg Zolerz P, JS1236

Father of Dan and one of the best seedstock sires in SA


Economic index (SBI) (top 1% of SA 2018 crop)

High calving ease, low birth weight and solid growth

Zolerz, sire of Dan, has an extraordinary graph: very high on calving ease, a low birth weight, and then sharp growth at 200 and 400 days. But then, Zolerz ends with a low MCW, the ideal frame for feed efficiency.

These attributes make Zolerz the perfect curve bender.

Dan follows in his sire's footsteps with a slightly less accentuated bended curve with solid growth (in the top 30% of SA regarding his 400 day growth) plus a lower than average MCW (in the lower 30% of SA crop). He has also high calving ease and a low birth weight.

In summary his economic indexes for SBI and SPI are both in the top 5% of the SA 2018 crop.

Econotech Dan S, PJD1743, has the breeding qualities with which we can take our seedstock operation forward. He  has scurs and has been sired by Simberg Zolerz P, JS1236. Zolerz again was sired by the well-known Blinkbou Herz. The latter was a grandson of the world famous Eisenherz, an AI bull from Germany and widely used in Southern Africa as well as the USA and Canada. On his mother’s side Dan has also two famous sires, namely Kykso Kalhei (renowned for calving ease) and Kwantum Profeet (one of SA’s first curve benders with a low birth weight and excellent growth). Furthermore, Dan hails from very fertile cow families. His mother, PJD128, has an ICP of 378 with 7 calves and his one grand mother, PJD0743, had an ICP of 370 with 10 calves. Dan's grand mother on his father's side, IP0538, had an ICP of 378 with 8 calves, while his great grand mother, CBJ0345, had an ICP of 376 with 10 calves.

(See Dan's pedigree and EBV's)






















Promising three year old bull with very high calving ease breeding trait (in top 1% of SA 2018 crop), low Mature Cow Weight (MCW) and high economic indexes (SBI and SPI)(in top 5%).

Sold to Roelf du Toit, Gauteng

Semen still available


Jozette Gonasty PP, Zoetis Southern Africa Proven Bull of 2018

R755 SBI index (top 5% of SA 2018 crop)

Prostock Hugo PP-USA  

Erico Napoleon - grandfather of Syster and Nate

Econotech HUNT  PJD1033 P, son of Gonasty PP

Sold to Freddie Steyn, Nelspruit

PJD1226 P - Econotech Sizwe P, son of Gonasty PP (father to Klein Kalant 1, PJD1565P)

Sold to Koos de Wet, Hopetown